Take Part

How to Participate

Pray for us. God has promised, when you pray he will hear you and your prayers are the strength that empowers us to do his work in Nicaragua. Please add us to your regular prayer list and ask your church to pray for us as well. Want to know our specific prayer needs? Click the "Follow our Work" link below to receive our regular newsletter which always contains a list of our most urgent prayer needs.

Follow our Work: Click this link to subscribe to our regular newsletter. Learn about who we help, how those impacted by our ministry are changed and our vision for the future in Nicaragua.

Consider Volunteering: We are not yet hosting individual or groups of volunteers, but we hope to do so in the future, if you are interested in keeping informed about future volunteer opportunities, please email us at volunteers@quiensoyyo.org and we will keep your name on file.

Donate or Fundraise for Us: We are only able to minister to our community as God provides and encourages willing donors to give the resources needed to sustain and grow this ministry. If you would like to donate, please click here or click "DONATE" on the home page. If you, your church or your organization would like to fundraise for us, please email us at fundraising@quiensoyyo.org and we will help you with ideas and materials about our work that you can use to seek donations within your organization or community.

The glory is God's. May the Lord bless your heart with your prayers or any small contribution you make to build a dream of a Rehabilitation Center.