Homeless Drug Addict

Bringing Light into Darkness

One of the marks of Jesus' public ministry took place as He passed through cities. He showed love and gave care to suffering individuals when they called out His name. The Gospel of Mark says, that as Jesus was leaving Jericho a certain blind beggar named Bartimaeus heard that Jesus was passing through the city. The blind man cried out to Him saying, "Son of David, have mercy on me!" Though he was rebuked by many, he kept on crying out for help.

What did Jesus do? He did four things. First, Jesus stopped, thus giving attention to an individual. Then Jesus said, “Call him.” Jesus engaged the blind man, ready to understand his need. Third, Jesus asked, "What do you want me to do for you?" He wanted to know what was in Bartimaeus heart. Fourth, Jesus restored the man’s sight because he believed. You can find this story on the gospel of Mark 10:46-52.

Ministry for the Homeless Drug Addicts

This specific support group is a social project with a long-term vision. We try to carry out this heartfelt ministry in the way Jesus helped blind Bartimaeus. Our focus is on reaching out to the homeless people and addicts that live on the streets. Seeing their conditions is to us their cry to God and their need for God. Having a rented space once a week allows us to meet some of their needs.

We believe that love, acceptance, and compassion create opportunities that build strong relationships regardless of the barriers.

Mistry for the Homeless Drug Addicts

Strategic Planning

  • - Share the behaviors expected of them once in the support group
  • - Build trust
  • - Worship
  • - Read the word of God
  • - Pray with them, and for them
  • - Provide them with a meal
  • - Try to implement a medical day once a year
  • - One day have a Quien Soy Yo Rehab Center and recruit them there for long term healing and restoration.

Our Experience

Over the years we have seen that these people need love and attention. They want to feel cared for but they are short-sighted on how to get the best out of life. The reality is that this is the only life they have ever known, and this makes it much harder for them.

Mistry for the Homeless Drug Addicts
Having a Birthday
Mistry for the Homeless Drug Addicts
Group Photo

What do They Have in Common

There is one thing they all share, their hunger for God. They want to adore Him. When it is time for prayer and worship, they get on their knees and cry out to Him. As their tears drop to the floor, you say to yourself, “This is their church! Here is where they feel they can be themselves with God!”

Mistry for the Homeless Drug Addicts
Their time with God
Mistry for the Homeless Drug Addicts
Being Prayed for

Another Reality

You can’t use the same approach with addicts from the streets who are looking for affection and a place to belong as you would use with a group that is not from the streets. The methodology is different. Ministering to people that live on the streets must be more practical. This approach needs lots of patience and wisdom.

Support groups and rehabilitation centers are so important to minister to the afflicted. One is to know them and the other to treat them. One space is to share the good news about Jesus; the latter is to target in-depth all of their needs with the proper care. God has the power to heal them in both places. Science and prayer join together are like the branches of a river.

The reality people need to understand is that progress with people on the streets is slowly. You can’t compare it with someone who has a home. People, who have a home and security often look at the people from the streets and say, “Why don’t you get a job?” Or, “Why don’t you bug someone else. Leave me alone.” Therefore, envisioning a dream of a Rehab Center that God has placed in our hearts is real and realistic. It will be life-changing.

Please pray that God will continue to bless our endeavors. Pray that He would guide us on the streets, especially to those who need His grace. We are only God’s servants. We are part of His body, part of His hands and feet to help those who daily face this degree of brokenness. It is God who gives life to the dead heart with the water of faith.

WAIF Bringing Food and Prayer to the Streets